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Bandilane is very proud to now offer...

Victory Dog FoodTM, a complete and balanced raw diet based on over 10 years of research and production. It is easy to store and easy to dispense, with no preparation or additional ingredients needed.

Made of 80% animal tissue, 20% vegetable tissue and 100% grain free, it has no fillers, no chemicals, no added water, and no by-products. Victory Dog Food is made from only choice USDA-inspected meats and first quality fresh vegetables and herbs.

Produced in a USDA facility with a USDA inspector on site, Victory Dog Food uses only sustainably-raised animals and vegetables.

- Every cow, turkey, chicken, lamb, or rabbit is a grass or vegetarian-fed, free-range animal -- free of hormones and antibiotics -- many of which are raised on the Victory Farm in Portland, CT or sourced from regional farms that adhere to the same stringent sustainable farming practices.

- All vegetables are sourced regionally under pesticide-free farming practices.

Bandilane offers a variety of Victory Dog Food meat and vegetable blends in 1-lb., 5-lb. or 10-lb. packages, along with a variety of fresh raw bones. Try some today!

...Your dog will love it!

Click here for Victory Dog Food Price List

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